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Easyship Review 2022: All you need to know

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Optimizing your customer’s pre and post-purchase experience lies in one important factor which is shipping. 

Your customers want to know the estimated delivery date, the current status, and other critical details. This helps in boosting their confidence and trust which greatly impacts your brand value, reputation, and conversions. 

To accomplish this, you need to choose a reliable shipping software that takes care of all the activities. This is where Easyship comes into the picture. 

Easyship streamlines the entire process right from order tracking to fulfillment. It is loaded with lots of features that help in elevating your customer’s shopping experience. 

So is Easyship the right shipping software for your eCommerce business? 

In this article, I’ll be reviewing the entire Easyship platform by analyzing its features, pros, cons, and pricing. Ready to explore? Let’s get started.

What is Easyship?

Easyship is a cloud-based shipping software exclusively built for eCommerce businesses. With over 250+ courier services like USPS, UPS, DHL you can get access to the cheapest shipping rates and ensure your products reach customers on time globally. 

You can compare shipping quotes, generate labels, schedule pickups, and monitor cash flow without any hassle. Further, you can get rid of complex tasks via automation which helps in boosting your efficiency and productivity. 

With customized packing slips and branded tracking features, you can establish a personal touch with your customers. Besides, you can boost cart conversions by displaying the best shipping options at your store’s checkout.

Now that you’ve got an idea about what Easyship is, next, we shall dive in deep about the list of features. 

Easyship Review: Features

In this section, let us review the features that EasyShip offers to its users.

  • Creating Shipments 
  • Taxes and Duties
  • Managing shipments and fulfillment 
  • Automation
  • Integration

1. Creating Shipments 

Creating a shipment is as easy as pie in Easyship. It allows you to create two types of shipment namely Basic and Advanced. 

To create basic shipments you need to manually input all the data in the required fields. You need to get started by entering customer details, specifying product dimensions, sales channels, and connecting your required courier service provider. 

For advanced shipments, you can create a shipment by clicking the ‘+’ icon or importing a file directly. You can get access to the following features to speed up the process:

  • Merge/Split/Delete Selected Shipments.
  • Merge Same destination shipments.
  • Bulk edit shipments
  • Generate Pick List 
  • Export

An important aspect to remember is that Easyship incurs residential surcharges. It is an added fee that certain careers add post-delivery for shipments that are delivered to a residential address. This option can be enabled or disabled based on the shipping requirement. 

2. Taxes and Duties 

One of the biggest challenges is to struggle with figuring out the taxes and duty charges for international shipments. Easyship breaks this burden by letting you know upfront the payment charges to avoid shipping delays and bewilderment. 

By getting access to its pre-determined duties and tax charges for every country, your entire shipping process will be in control. Based on your tax preferences you can decide who must pay the taxes (whether it’s you or your customer).

To make your job easier, Easyship offers items based on category tax. In this way, it automatically determines the tax amount based on your chosen category and it will be shipped instantly to that location. 

By removing the burden of calculating complex tax numbers, shipping to your worldwide customers becomes easy and comfortable. 

3. Managing shipments and fulfillment

If your store has more shipments to be processed, you don’t have to worry about that. Easyship lets you sort the shipments based on the following options:

  • All
  • Pending 
  • Rejected 
  • To Download 

As an added advantage it offers tons of filtering and sorting options to land on your required shipment. Some of the filtering options include shipment creation date, purchase date, order creation date, delivery date, SKU, destination country, etc. 

Speaking about fulfillment, Easyship makes it as fast as possible. With its scalable warehouse partners and dedicated manager, you can experience a smooth onboarding process to meet customers’ demands without delay.

An added advantage is that with Easyship you need not spend your hard-earned money on unnecessary tariffs as all the logistics and supply processes will be streamlined. This ensures that you pay only a reasonable amount to clear tariffs. 

Overall, Easyship removes the pain involved in managing shipments and processing fulfilments to your customers. 

4. Easyship Automation 

Imagine how much productive you can be in handling shipments if the process becomes automated? With Easyship you can unbox this magic as it lets you automate the shipping process via shipping rules. 

The list of conditions and actions under which you can create your shipping rule is as follows:


  • All shipments 
  • Buyer selected shipping solution at checkout.
  • Contains the category 
  • Destination country is 
  • Destination state or province is
  • Items SKU 
  • No.of items is and Order tag is 
  • Receiver Postal or zip code
  • Selling price is 
  • Shipment weight is 
  • Store or platform is 


  • Sort couriers by 
  • Taxes and duties 
  • Insurance 
  • Residential surcharge
  • Use this courier/Never use this courier
  • Use courier with tracking
  • Ship from
  • Return labels for domestic shipments (USA)

For example, you can create a shipping rule that applies insurance fees under damaged conditions. In such cases whenever there is an issue with the delivery package, the insurance fee will be automatically applied which helps in gaining your customer’s trust. 

Even if you have multiple shipping rules, they can be prioritized from top to bottom. If they seem to contradict each other, the higher rule will be prioritized. 

5. Easyship Integrations 

Easyship offers tons of integrations with Shipping carriers and technology platforms. Now let’s have a look at those long list of options.

Some of the popular shipping carriers integration include FedEx, DHL, UPS, USPS, Global Post, Asendia, P2P, ParcelForce, J&T Express, etc. You can find the best carriers by choosing different countries like the US, UK, Singapore, Malaysia, Switzerland, etc. 

It integrates with major eCommerce stores, marketplaces, and warehouse partners to fulfill your shipping needs.

  • ECommerce store – BigCommerce, Ecwid, Shopify, Shopify Plus, Magento, Squarespace, WooCommerce, Zapier, etc.
  • Marketplaces – Etsy, eBay, Amazon, Groupon, Google, Lazada, Kickstarter, Jumia, etc.

It also integrates with order management apps, warehousing, ERP, couriers and also offers an API to build your own custom integrations. You can find the complete set of integrations here.

Easyship Review: Pricing 

Easyship offers a 30-day free trial and 4 major pricing plans. Let’s have a look at them below:

  • Free plan – $0 – 100 shipments/month 
  • Plus plan – $29/month – 500 shipments/month 
  • Premier plan – $49/month – 2500 shipments/month
  • Enterprise plan – Custom pricing 

By upgrading to annual plans you can save upto 20% as the Plus and Premier plans cost only $23/month and $39/month.

You’ll get access to almost all the features in every plan. However to access branded tracking, multi-box shipments, customer support, auto-order sync, and pre-generated return labels you need to upgrade to the higher plans. 

Easyship Review: Pros and Cons 

Now that you’ve understood how Easyship works next we shall have a look at its merits and demerits. 


  • All-in-one shipping platform for eCommerce retailers.
  • Intuitive and user-friendly interface. 
  • Access to full branding suite.
  • Long list of integrations with various platforms. 
  • Optimized shipping rates to minimize abandonment.
  • Free plan available.


  • Customer support can be improved. 
  • More analytics options could be added. 

Is Easyship the best eCommerce shipping software?

Easyship is definitely the best shipping software for eCommerce businesses. Since it’s cloud-based it is highly scalable and you can grow your customer base by tapping into international countries for shipping.

Unlike other shipping software, Easyship offers a free plan which is packed with the majority of features. This will be perfect for beginners who wish to expand their digital footprint to the next level. 

Overall, you can opt for Easyship if you’re looking for:

  • An efficient shipping solution with automated features. 
  • Instant access to major courier service providers. 
  • Incorporate high-level branding via shipping. 
  • Integration with major eCommerce stores, marketplaces, and warehouses for efficient fulfillment process. 

Remember that now is the best time to get started. If you want to know how it practically works for your eCommerce business you can get started by clicking here.

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